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Research Outcomes

The research project undertaken by Delyth Owen over six years with classes of approximately thirty children
resulted in positive responses from the children, improved motivation, engagement and higher achievement.

Teachers implementing the new pedagogy in hundreds of schools have been motivated to use their own
ideas and creativity to further develop positive outcomes for the children in their care. Their own enjoyment and achievement as effective facilitators has been rekindled in many cases – for the benefit of those that
they teach.

The Action Research undertaken provided solutions to persistent literacy problems as Delyth achieved a deeper understanding of how children learn. Her professional knowledge increased by observing the children and analysing those observations. Developing this new pedagogy enabled her to further understand the needs of the children, and she changed her approach to meet those needs. New ideas and concepts continually emerged from previous experiences that worked for the children.


Teaching and learning should be fun and an enjoyable experience for both teacher and learner.

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