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Written specifically to engage and motivate the children so that they develop a positive attitude to learning, Treehouse Tales provides a vehicle to support their learning journey. 

Evidence-based Resources
Motivation and Progress Through Stories

The Learning Journey
Simplifying the Process of Teaching and Learning

Road safety - Mrs Duck Helps Teddy and Floppy Bunny

These beautifully illustrated 'Teddy in Tinytown' stories, written for the Nursery class, provide limitless opportunities for child-initiated play. Learning happily within their own world of make-believe provides rich opportunities to develop the children's:

  • speaking and listening skills;

  • drawing skills;

  • independent thinking skills;

  • memory skills;

  • 'looking' skills and the ability to compare.

The Nursery Resources – 'Colours and Pictures'

The Reception Resources – 'Sounds to Sentences'

Facilitating the learning within the children's world
of make-believe, the 'Teddy in Tinytown' stories continue in the Reception class in order to:


  • motivate  and enthuse the children;

  • reinforce previous learning;

  • extend previous learning;

  • simplify the process of teaching and learning
    for the benefit of all children;


  • challenge higher ability children.

Teddy and Floppy Bunny in Tiny Town toyshop

Year 1 Resources – 'Sentences to Stories'

Happy birthday, Oriol Orange!

New characters and stories – Aled Apple and Friends – are introduced in Year 1 in order to:


  • continue to facilitate  the learning within the
    children's world of make-believe,

  • motivate boys as well as girls;

  • simplify the process of teaching and learning through the use of the unique Treehouse Tales techniques;

  • facilitate child-initiated activities across
    the curriculum

Year 2 Resources – 'Little Authors'

The 'Aled Apple and Friends' resources introduced
in Year 1 are continued in Year 2 for the benefit of
all children. 


The seasonal stories introduced over the year:

  • extend the children's vocabulary;

  • provide opportunities for child-initiated activities;

  • challenge high-ability children.

Aled Apple writing a letter
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