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Green for Go

The Green for Go story characters
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Motivation and Progress Through Stories

Written specifically for Key Stage 2, Green for Go uses the same creative pedagogy as for younger learners, but crucially implements age-appropriate stories to foster the children's intrinsic motivation.


Used as an inclusive programme in Year 3, teaching and learning is simplified to enable mastery of literacy skills by all children, regardless of background, gender or ability.


Effective for children learning English as an Additional Language and proven to accelerate the literacy achievements of children with Additional Learning Needs throughout Key Stage 2, the implementation of Green for Go enables all children to access the learning in the next stage of their education.


As the children make rapid independent writing progress within a short period of time – impacting positively on reading skills, it mitigates the impact of Covid 19 on the children's literacy skills.

There is a Companion Dual-literacy Handbook available for English-medium schools in Wales.

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