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Coeden Aled
English Medium Schools

Transferring the Skills – Year 2: Summer Term

The enjoyment that the children experienced through the implementation of Incidental Welsh daily and taking turns to speak Welsh in front of the class, resulted in the children being intrinsically motivated to write in Welsh.


Examples of independent writing

The following examples of independent writing were achieved after only one session per week. They show how the children's mastery of writing independently in English is transferred to writing independently in Welsh.


Example B. Diagnosed with ADHD, this girl shows an ability to concentrate and remain on task – writing confidently at length, applying mutations consistently and accurately as well as applying speech marks and commas appropriately.

Example A. Written by a boy with Additional Learning Needs, this example shows confident and consistent application of capital letters, full stops, speech marks and a question mark. His writing shows an accurate description of his drawing.


Example D. Accurately reflecting his drawing, this able boy includes a negative sentence within his independent written work.

Example C. This able girl consistently applies her writing skills accurately, within an extended piece of independent writing.


Example E. A high average girl implements her computer skills as she writes her first story in Welsh, choosing her own concise title. Her drawing reflects her reading comprehension skills.

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